Author: Deborah Turner

Cricket sighting

A cricket sighting was the last thing I expected to see one warm afternoon. But, then again, I had been out looking. Sometimes while driving, I get lost on purpose. I like to get off the beaten trail, look around, and see new things. This pastime has helped me find shortcuts, try new restaurants, and even get cheap gas.   I first got lost, accidentally, after moving off campus in college. I ended up preparing and eating an organic vegan dinner with a strange bunch of hippies. They were even weird by our Berkeley, California standards. I’d never seen...

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Out of control info

Out of control info? We can get practically any information we want by doing a simple search. And, social media and electronic records make it easier to get a hold of our personal info in part because it’s everywhere we need it. How is this a problem? This post explores this question and what we can do. How is easy access to info a problem? Well, it’s complicated. Consider the following. First, how many different images come to mind when you think of the phrase, “beautiful woman”? I see women who are young, old, bald, wearing a headscarf, thin,...

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Evolution in conflict

Noticing an evolution in conflict, more specifically in our ways of dealing with it, helps us recognize how seeds planted in the 1960s continue to grow. Early seeds Some think of the 1960s as a radical time that ended. I see it differently. A little bit of that decade has emerged in every one since. The 1970s saw the rise of local get-to-know-your-neighbors groups, a kind of Neighborhood Watch without the focus on crime.  Since the ’60s, we’ve seen conflict resolution, group facilitation, victim/offender dialogs and restorative justice. All echo words we’ve heard before… give peace a chance.     During the 1980s, conflict resolution...

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Pi Day randomness

Pi Day can be so sweet or savory. I like the day for its infinite randomness, like the marking I recently viewed on an otherwise ordinary house (photographed here).   When asked how I began celebrating Pi Day, I think of the first time I walked into a store one September and saw a Christmas holiday display. Unlike marketers’ intense build up, Pi Day provides a refreshing break. It has no lead-up, no traditions, and acts of randomness are infinitely appropriate. One Pi Day, I delivered 17 pies to various friends and colleagues all on my bicycle commute while heading into...

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