Author: Deborah Turner

Abominable Philly fans explained

Abominable Philly fans explained? Here’s a try! Being a part of a team can be seductive even if you’re not into the sport! In this post, I share 5 ways I’ve noticed Philadelphia preparing to win a Superbowl for the first time in NFL history. I also describe what a real win could mean. Be very superstitious #1. Quite a few Philadelphia fans prepare by doing nothing. To be more clear, they do nothing differently. In a town that stands still for its St. Patrick’s Day Parade, it should come as no surprise that some fans take superstition seriously. Some...

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X Degrees of Segregation Exercise part 2

X Degrees of Segregation Exercise part 2 moves beyond the steps provided in part 1 to consider what it all means. This website focuses on those of us who have been the only one within our family to achieve more traditional success and our allies. However, this Exercise brings all of us Americans into focus. Conversations I’ve had, messages I’ve received, and my own thoughts about part 1 of this post inform this second part. Are Ones whose ancestors received 40 acres and a mule after Emancipation more stable than Ones whose ancestors became sharecroppers? The Degrees of Segregation Exercise stems from investigations into...

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New Year’s Eve wishes

New Year’s Eve wishes and predictions can move us to reflect on how far we’ve come and what’s possible for where we’re going. In this post, I join the ranks of those guessing what will be. The future will bring more attention to the Ones who made it. However self-serving, this prediction includes the availability of resources like this website. It reflects how diversity continues to be a topic de jour whether in Hollywood, Windsor Castle, or right next door. After thinking harder about things I notice around me, comments I’ve received about this website, and what I’d like...

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Christmas day bicycle brigades

Christmas day bicycle brigades, I call them, ride everywhere I’ve lived. But in Philadelphia, they don’t just roll in December. Recently, I realized these brigades are related to this city’s love of sports. A City that loves its sports… Thinking of sports and Philly quickly brings to mind the Birds, now playing a memorable season. But it’s not just the national teams. Philadelphians engage in or support all sorts of sports. Throughout history, Philly’s supported cricket, dance, and rugby. On most weekends today, the Schkyull River Trail or the (Ben Franklin) Parkway closes for a run, walk, crawl, or row. And, the four-lane,...

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Gift giving, a guide

Gift giving, a guide for the Ones who made it offers practical tips and thought-provoking ideas to help bring joy to the winter holidays. Becoming a One can mean having more money and figuring out what to do with it! Saving, sharing, and spending can be a big adventure. The winter holidays add a twist to it all. Handing out presents, to oneself or others, comes easily to some. Giving the right gift to someone I care about feels as good as winning a raffle, scoring a touchdown, or preparing a scrumptious dish perfectly. But, I struggle with other aspects of giving—from deciding...

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