Welcome to Verse! This page offers a sampling of my poems. I write poetry to express experiences and feelings that, for me, no words articulate.


verse: Betsy Ross’ Girl

Best Ross' Girl image

What colors would you choose for your flag? Why?

Who helped Betsy Ross? Who didn’t? I hadn’t given these questions much thought before this poem came through me just after 9-11. Our national reaction included a good deal of flag waving. At the time, I wondered what we Americans might have done to encourage global unity just as we recommitted ourselves to national unity.

The American dream involves trying hard with the expectation that doing so leads to success. This poem begins with this kind of effort, familiar to so many of us Ones who made it. Listen to find how out it ends.

Deborah Turner © 2001, recorded by the author © 2017.

Note: After I wrote Betsy Ross’ Girl, I learned about a resurgence of historical research examining the time period during which slavery took place in the north, above the Mason Dixon Line established in 1767.  Although this poem uses the idea of Betsy Ross’ girl as a metaphor, some researchers claim to have found evidence that some northern whites owned slaves before and after Ross created the American flag in 1777. For more information, check Douglas Harper’s work or Civil Discourse.



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